For those who want to hang out pre-ETAP on Thursday evening, come to Brasserie Benelux (245 Sherbrooke ouest). It’s not far from the conference venue, so you can practice how to get there. We locals will probably only be able to be there at 9pm because of various logistic things we need to figure out before, but that shouldn’t prevent everyone else from coming earlier. It’s a micro-brewery with some food stuff on the menu. Here’s how you walk from the Cantlie Hotel:

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If for some reason this place gets too crowded, we can spill over to the wine bar Pullman (3424 avenue du parc), just around the corner on Parc Avenue.

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The conference program is now online, and registration has opened.

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other events in town

We already pointed you to popmontreal and the free Arcade Fire concert (see below).

There are also a few other linguistic events going on: For example, there’s a conference on recursion and creativity at UQAM.

And if you’re staying on after ETAP, you might want to check out the events around Daniel Büring’s visit next week.

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getting somewhere

Getting from the airport to downtown Montréal:

One option is the 747 Shuttle Bus (Cost: $8 in Cash. There’s also a machine for tickets). If you are staying at Le Cantlie, get off at Réné Levesque [Le'vɛk] and Peel, walk toward St. Catherine and on until you hit Sherbrooke, take a left.

Taxi: $38 flat rate from/to airport from downtown Montréal (last time I checked).

Getting anywhere:

The public transport button on google maps works pretty well in Montréal.

A great way to get around is the bixi bike rental system.

Walking from the Le Cantlie Hotel to the Conference Venue

Note the instructions on how to find the actual conference room here.

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cataphoric focus marking

Cross-posted from prosody.lab:

Shifting prominence to mark focus requires a linguistic antecedent, so if you say ‘A red apple’, chances are you or someone either said something like ‘green apple’, or there is some other reason why antecedents of this sort are salient, for example, someone might have asked: What kind of apple do you want?

Marking focus is a bit like using pronouns and other anaphoras: While there must be a proper antecedent to resolve the reference to interpret anaphoras, for focus there must be a proper antecedent to justify the contrast. Pronouns can also be used cataphorically, where the antecedent for the reference comes after the pronoun–and the same is true for focus marking.

Here’s a nice exploitation of our grammatical knowledge that focus marking requires a linguistic antecedent from September 15′s Colbert report:

Colbert is using focus cataphorically to set up an expectation for an antecedent, and then leaves us hanging in mid air.

There will be a number of papers at etap that address focus marking and its use in context.

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stuff to do


best place to finish your slides (cafe, bar):laika

Cheap Eats:

famous montreal smoked meat (better late when line has vanished; or check out dodgy-looking place across the street, it’s good too): schwartz’s

great, tapas-style texan food (note the low predictability of ‘texan’ given the previous word): icehouse

amazing japanese food, but long waits: kazu

close to kazu, great dumpling place: Qing Hua

awsome chicken (low key fast-food, but great–if you call 30min earlier you’ll wait much less): romados

nice pizza, very close: amelio’s (milton street)

amazing pizza, not so close: magpie

Not so cheap eats

Many. Try to peruse chowhound or websites like this to find the good stuff. Much easier to find than cheap places.

Bars, Cafés

three nice microbreweries ordered by distance from conference venue:
reservoir (reservoir is nicer and has amazing tapas)
dieu du ciel

nice wine-bar, very close: pullman

great wine-bar and tapas, but not close: buvette chez simone

stuff to do

two nice galeries in old montreal:
yves laroche

three good museums:

not to be missed:

walk up Mount Royal–it’s nice.

famous bagel bakery, open 24hrs (only selling bagels and stuff to put on them, not a place to sit down and eat): fairmount bagel

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ETAP 2 will overlap with the this years popmontreal. As part of the festival, there will be a free concert by Arcade fire on Thursday, September 22, at 10pm.

arcade fire

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poster dimensions

The poster sessions at the ETAP 2 conference (Montreal, Qc.) will take place on Friday, September 23 and Saturday, September 24 (see the ETAP program).

- the boards on which the posters will be mounted are 4 feet tall (121cm) and 7 feet (213cm) wide, so any standard poster size should easily fit
- to mount the posters on these boards, you can use push pins only. We will supply the push pins on the day of the poster presentations.

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Just an update on the timline: The deadline for reviewing is coming closer, and we expect to send out decisions no later than July 15.

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We didn’t mention in our call that the abstracts should be anonymous–the reviewing process will be blind.

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